Dinner with Sandra, e-Recipe Book Package

This e-Recipe book package has all that you need to get started on a journey to living your best life yet!!! Valued at $327.00, my e-Recipe Book, Dinner with Sandra, can help jump start your Vegan Journey all for the price of $27.00!

Learn how to eat and cook plants and live a sustainable vegan lifestyle where you get to THRIVE and not just merely survive!

Included is a 30 minute planning session with me. During that time, I’ll answer any questions you have on food, cooking, health & beauty products, or anything that has to do with plant-based living and lifestyle. How to incorporate small changes that will actually last, and that will make a lifetime of difference in your health. The 30 minute planning session alone is a $300 value!!

And I am actually giving you that $300 planning session as an appreciation bonus when you buy the book at $27!

Maybe you have no idea what to eat or how to cook a plant based meal?

If you could change this, how would you feel? Who would you get to be?

Are you struggling and need some support?

My e-Recipe book, Dinner with Sandra, can help jump start your Vegan Journey!